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Welcome to Legacy Advisory Services, LLC

We recognize that you are at a critical point in your life and have spent considerable time and effort towards accumulating your current assets. Now is the time for your assets to work as hard for you as you did to accumulate them.

Our customized financial plan encompasses both a picture of your current financial status and addresses your needs, goals, and investment challenges. We will help you analyze your current situation, risk profile and investment goals. Taking all those factors into account we can construct a customized financial plan and investment portfolio that addresses your unique needs.

It is our philosophy that a financial plan needs to be balanced for safety, income, growth, taxes and inflation. Therefore, our recommendations include strategies that minimize taxes, enhance and stabilize retirement income, and provide for liquidity and flexibility while at the same time reducing your risk exposure and maximizing returns.

Investment Management:

Put your money to work through a disciplined investment strategy.

Retirement Planning:

Secure your future with a personalized retirement plan.

Income Replacement:

Keep the lifestyle you’re accustomed to by replacing your income in retirement.

Our Services

As a full-service establishment, Legacy Advisory Services can assist you in a variety of ways.