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What We Do

You may be asking yourself, what happens when I come to your office? The first meeting is a very casual, information gathering session. We believe every client is unique and has their own goals and objectives. We do not use a one-size-fits-all approach, so listening and understanding your personal needs is the most important thing we can do. Throughout our planning process, we will take you through the following six steps:
  1. Clarify Your Present Situation - First, we clarify your current financial situation by collecting and assessing all relevant financial data such as lists of assets and liabilities, tax returns, investment statements, insurance policies, and pension plans, etc.
  2. Identify Goals and Objectives - Next, we identify your basic investment objectives. What is your tolerance with regard to risk? What proportion of your wealth should be invested for short term, medium term, and long term. Only after we have a full understanding of your financial picture can we begin to construct a customized financial plan that addresses your unique needs.
  3. Formulate a Diversified Financial Plan - After analyzing your requirements Legacy formulates a financial plan focused on achieving your personal objectives. The plan will address concerns of taxation, diversification, income and safety.
  4. Implement a Coordinated Investment Plan - It has been identified that two of the most important long-term determinants of investment results are proper asset allocation and having an unemotional investment plan. Legacy employs a prudent and disciplined investment strategy to determine the asset allocation that identifies an acceptable exposure to risk for each client without sacrificing returns.
  5. Ongoing Monitoring - Due to constantly changing market environments your portfolio will be continuously monitored to insure it remains on track to achieve your financial goals and objectives.
  6. Reporting and Review - At least quarterly Legacy Advisory Services will report to you the results of your portfolio. Periodic reviews with you, by phone and in person are essential to answer any questions and to stay abreast of your changing financial needs and goals. 

    Hopefully this knowledge will make you feel a little more comfortable and understanding of our processes and planning philosophy. If you would like to schedule and appointment please call us at 610-524-6801, or email us at